Government Relations - Bluestone Strategies assists our clients in demystifying the legislative policy processand political worlds, while offering expert consul on how to best navigate both.

Issue Identification and Strategic Planning - There are times when there is a need for a robust and effective defense of your public policy goals and other times there is an opportunity to advocate a proactive competitive agenda.  The Bluestone Strategies team works with our clients to develop and implement a strategic plan to achieve their overall policy goals.

Political and Policy Messaging - The most prudent public policy pursuit can be derailed without a proper advocacy message.  Bluestone Strategies assist our clients and their internal communications teams in creating the proper message to deliver for success.

Constructive Communication - With the 24-hour DC news cycle, information overload is understandable and often the real story is behind the headlines.  Bluestone Strategies is committed to providing our clients with the most current information through regular communication that has been refined to the tell the full story to benefit your public policy plan.
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